Saturday, September 15, 2007

THIS is the man for me

UFC champion Randy "The Natural" Couture is my mostest ideal man ever.

He's an amazing athlete and has the winningest smile I've ever seen, rivalling even George Clooney.

My Teen and I spent the entire day today watching a UFC marathon.

I don't know why I like this stuff. I hate boxing, I despise wrestling (it's rigged, didja hear?).

But the UFC combines boxing, wrestling, and the martial arts, which somehow makes it so incredibly cool. My son has taught me a lot but watching the pros train and fight has also been extremely interesting.

It is to sigh. Some like Keanu, some like Dep, and I love Randy Couture.

(OK, I like them all, for different reasons.)


dj said...

I am an Ultimate Fighting fan - for over a year now. My youngest brother got me into it because he knows how much I love boxing, martial arts, and wresting. What's not to love when you like all three of those things?

Couture is a cool guy and a great fighter but my favorite (and I don't care what anyone says about the guy) I LOVE Tito. He's awesome.

lattégirl said...

My son says he's OK with your love of Tito. :)

Chunks said...

I also enjoy the UFC stuff, since they implemented rules. Remember when they first started and had no rules? I would almost barf every time, it was too scary.

There's nothing like watching a perfectly executed roundhouse to the head! :)

I like Big John, the Ref. heheh

lattégirl said...

The rules are definitely a good idea. Personally, I like Herb Dean. A ref with dreads!

Lisa said...

He is definitely GORGEOUS!! I must admit, though, I'd never heard of the UFC before!

Fowl Ideas said...

The Ultimate Sociopath Competition...It used to be called brawling but it didn't catch on until they changed the name.