Friday, September 21, 2007

Domestic and professional goddess

I'm coming off 3 days of training at the new job and it's Friday but it's not really the weekend for me...

Because I have to work icky, long shifts for the next four days at the new job and still fit in 3600 words of translation by Wednesday end of day!

By mid-afternoon today I was sleepy as hell and wishing I could nap. But I had a project to put out by 3 PM and I did it. Then I got a ride to and from Canuck Rubber (Canadian Tire, for those not in the know) with neighbour A. because I was lucky enough to catch her as she pulled out of her parking spot across the way from my front door.

I think my napping days are over.

Undeterred by fatigue, I am presently making pea soup and will shortly be chopping stuff for a vegetable-fried rice. The Teen is out for the evening, which is frankly a relief.

Other than that, I have a sink full of dishes, so I guess I'm not the goddess I make myself out to be in my title up there.

But the dishes are sitting there because I have no dish soap left and am quite flat broke.

Am waiting for Friend B. to call and bring money. (That in itself is a long story for another day.)

I don't think I mentioned that I made stovetop blueberry jam a couple of nights ago.

Still a Goddess.

Tired, though. Guess it will take me a couple/three weeks to get used to this beat, as they say in French Quebec (le beat).

I don't think I'll be able to stay awake long enough for an ep of the Sopranos tonight. The one I saw last night was when Tony had just become the capo, and youch! some of the subject matter is touchy. And violent. But saddest of all, to me, was Carmela and Tony at that point in their marriage (not that they didn't go through more of the same later). What a amoral pig Tony's character was/is.

The Teen and I were discussing a different angle to the series ending. Was it possible that the blackout meant that Carmela, Tony, Meadow and AJ really did get wiped out in that restaurant?

Just wondering.

Friday night thoughts... before the penultimate Big Day at the job... working 8 hours with the Big Boss by my side, watching and analyzing.

Not nervous. Not. I can do this.

I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes... here or at the main blog.

UPDATE: Off to bed, just wanted to say I actually managed to do all my dishes. Goddess! Totally!


Kat said...

Of course you can do this! I know you can! :)

lattégirl said...

Thanks, sweetie! I appreciate the vote of confidence!

Chunks said...

I tip my coffee mug to your goddessness!