Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flush or bury?

Ya know, I was wondering idly a few days ago about toilet paper and tissue paper. I blow my nose a lot. I have low-grade, constant allergies to... (heh)... cats (3), dust (endless), and other things.

My last b/f accused me of being addicted to nose-blowing.

We were in his truck at the time, in traffic, and I remember turning to gape at him in astonishment.

"You think I'm addicted?"

I made him back down on that claim... make no mistake.

Oh yeah, I love dust. I love sneezing, dude. I love spending $50 a month on paper products with which to evacuate excess mucus.

So much fun.

So, with Kleenex in mind, I asked one of my more environmentally aware neighbours if it is better to flush snot rags down the toilet or put them into garbage for burial.

He told me burial is better because the bacteria created by the warmth generated in landfill breaks down paper (and, more recently, the thinner recycled grocery store bags) more quickly, rather than the process in water, which is slower.

So there you go.

Bury those tissues.


Louise said...

My friends still have an outhouse (they also have indoor plumbing, but during the summer, it's mainly outhouse using), and they have a bag by the toilet for putting your "used" tp in.


lattégirl said...


dj said...

Addicted??? WTF?! I wish you could see my face right now...

As a fellow sufferer - that's gotta be the single most idiotic thing I've heard in a long time and that's saying something.

Chunks said...

He is your former boyfriend, right? No frigging wonder. Sounds like a nutter!

What about composting? Then you can put the compost back into the flowerbed!

Lisa said...

Gawd, men can be dorks!!!

Reminds me of Mark's assertion that my drinking too much water is what's made me fat!

*shaking head*

Mindy said...

Hahahaha... that's a topic I have never thought about. I will bury from now on:)

lattégirl said...

Lisa: I am shaking my head at that one. I have some very pointy-toed shoes you might want to use on his behind.