Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Avon calling!

In my ongoing yet rather inconsistent pursuit of more money, I applied for a job online on Sunday night.

I have this feeling that the person I sent my CV to doesn't really want me for the job, but she's not the one doing the actual hiring.

She offered her hotmail address so I could e- her my resume because I can't find my stupid printer cable. (Stupid cable!) Otherwise, I would have printed out the CV and given it to the appropriate person, in person.

And although I sent my neighbour my credentials, I have been trying to reach the people who are really responsible for hiring.

But their phone is hooked up to a fax and I keep getting the fax bloop bleep wheep.


But even before this attempt at gainful employment, I signed up with Avon a couple weeks ago.

I know it sounds cheesy! Totally! But I figured WTH, why not give it a try? I know lots of women in this hick town. And believe me, they can use some help. They mght not watch What Not To Wear, but they can get some hints from moi about lipstick and such, yes?

So you see, I'm trying my very best to go forward.

(More money, please. Please, Universe!)


hal said...

What the heck- give it a try. Good luck!

Mindy said...

I used to sell Avon.. did pretty good at it. Good Luck!

lattégirl said...

Thank you both.

Mindy -- I will be writing you e- to ask about Avon :)

Mindy said...

Write to me anytime about anything:)

Chunks said...

I love Avon! My mom used to "sell" it too, I think she just did that to have all that Free Avon. Anyway, we always had those little sample lipsticks and perfumes in the house. It was fun. Ahhh Avon.

Louise said...

Does Avon have that option where you can set up a website for people from far away to buy from you? (How's that for grammar?) Because I love me some Skin So Soft.

Shelby said...

I sold avon one time.. it was quite fun :)

good luck on your job thing .. I'm doing the same thing. what a chore.