Saturday, March 22, 2008

My boy

Look at that supposedly innocent face.

Look at the horrible thing on his lower lip! I begged him not to get a snake, but he went ahead and did it, anyway.


I don't know why he always takes pictures of himself in the bathroom. You'd think he'd prefer some other kind of backdrop?

I love him, no matter what. My emo kid.


Laura said...

Maybe seeing himself in the mirror makes him think about taking a picture of himself. :)

lattégirl said...

I think so. According to his profile on vampire freaks dot com, one of his favourite activities is admiring himself in the mirror. LOL!

DJ said...

Er... I like the lip ring. Very cool. I have often thought of getting an eyebrow one but it would just look stupid with glasses, ya' know?

Laura said...

He's still a kid. I forget if you said he was working somewhere or not. Likely once he is out in the world, working and thinking about where he wants to go he will change. The hair will get cut, the piercings will grow in again. My little sister went through the emo/ punk/ goth thing when she was in high school and a few years beyond. My Mom told her she could do whatever she wanted as long as it wasn't permanent.