Thursday, March 6, 2008

Carry a big stick

I talked on the phone with Rox yesterday.

I told her she sounds like a Stepford Wife -- she has this sweet little voice and you'd never guess the foul words that come out of that mouth. She calls one of her best friends a douchebag, for instance, and describes her latest read as "fucking stellar."

How can you NOT love a woman like that.

For her, I will type this word which I hate with a passion when I see it on a blog: LOL!

Rox really does rock!

1 comment:

RoxRocks said...

I had no idea you hated LOL. I use it so often you must be cringing all the fucking time!

It was nice to talk to you too yesterday!

About my voice, it gets a good laugh more often than not! What can you do when you sound like you're eight? You curse. And I do. I'm not going to add the LOL.