Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fed apples to this girl

I fell into the ditch, too. Landed on my ass on a nasty dirty snowbank. And she just stared at me.

Bad left knee! Bad! Ouch. Twisted it all over again just when it was starting to get better.

At least the bison were happy campers. They loved the apples.

Only three of them left... used to be a dozen last summer! Next time you eat bison burgers, think of that face up there. Guilt trip!


Anonymous said...

My burgers are made out of mushrooms so no guilt trip here. ;) She's cute.

lattégirl said...

She is cute, in a very ugly kind of way. I wish I could bring her home.

masgblog said...

when she saw you in the ditch, she probably just thought whatup? (or whatdown)

Laura said...

I've never tried bison. Does it taste any different? You can't make me feel guilty for eating meat, I love it too much. :) I do try to avoid wild animals versus farm raised.