Friday, October 12, 2007


He was younger then, and so was I.

I remember seeing Springsteen in concert, a long long time ago. Four hours of insane showmanship.

He's got a new album out, Magic.

Through the magic of the internet, I have a couple tunes from his new disk. It's an album worth owning. Just as soon as I have the $21 required to buy it at the local store, I will support Broooce!

*(I recall wondering why the crowd seemed to be booing him. Then I was told they were chanting his name.)


Mindy said...

LMAO at the booing.... Wow that brings back memories:)

lattégirl said...

Ha! U remember that?!

pmg said...

I'll say hi to him for you on Monday night.

Chunks said...

I heart Bruce.

Guitargirlz said...

Did you read my review of the Ottawa's on my live J and Facebook too...LOOOOOOOOOOOVED every second....never enough Bruce!!!! Buy the CD...and it is $15 around these parts chickie...don't pay $21 -although it would be worth every penny - not a bad tune on the entire CD. I LOVE BRUCE!!!!

Green Earth said...

Great guy, love his music.