Monday, October 8, 2007

And thanks were given

I made a Thanksgiving dinner that involved slightly more than my usual hasty sprinkling of herbes de Provence on fowl or my amazing one-hour chili™ or something equally quick and mindless.

I was cooking for the Teen and a guest, and not only was it a painless meal to prepare and cook, it was also well-received and conversation was fun.

It makes me feel the urge to have guests more often, even though our tiny kitchen table only seats 4... (not to mention just 4 chairs.)

I received the gift of a beautiful, thick, deep-blue carpet today, a rather large one that will fit pretty perfectly on the living room floor. It was donated, via a friend, by a wealthy lady who has too much stuff. She would have thrown it in the garbage. Because that's how the rich are.

The carpet, which is in pristine condition, is most welcome, because when we moved into this apartment in April the floating floor was cold. Made me wonder what winter would be like. Now winter's right around the corner and the timing of this plushy floor covering is good.

My landlady gave me the warm fuzzies, too, yesterday, while I was on my last day at Hotel Hell. She dropped by and left two large sample bottles of Tres Semme hair "Hair Thrive Color Block" product given to her by a friend. Funny how people can be so nice when you least expect it.

I actually enjoyed my first day of unemployment from the hotel job. I had several leisurely chores to do, time to chat with some neighbours, do my groceries, make and enjoy dinner, and even look over old pictures of my kid when he was young -- pictures of himself and friends he'd not seen in ages.

All in all, it was a Thanksgiving with much for which to be grateful.

P.S. The pumpkin pie, with filling from a can but with an added whole egg and evaporated milk, was scrumptious. With vanilla ice cream. Or at least, so I was told; I had only one bite of pie filling, strictly for quality-control purposes.


Mindy said...

I am so glad your day went well for you:) I can not wait till our Thanksgiving... my mom will be making her homemade pies:)

lattégirl said...

Yes, it was nice to feel a complete turnaround in mood just 24 hours after being fired! :)

Chunks said...


You only had one taste?! Holy shit, I ate a whole pie! (I'm kidding, but I did gob on extra cool whip!)

Fired?! Huh? What did I miss?

Kate said...

Pumpkin is full of vitamin A and wonderfully good for you. And pumpkin from a can is not a bad thing; they preserve it at it's peak and everyone knows cooking a pumpkin from scratch is a NIGHTMARE.

And I'm with Chunks. My Mother has lost over 100 pounds in the past couple of years (two bionic knees giving her the ability to actually MOVE made a huge difference and - SERIOUSLY - the SLIGHTEST adjustment in portion sizes - also more whole grains and such), but she would have eaten a piece of pie (albeit a small one). It's just all things in moderation.

Don't live life without pie, my dear.

I'd choose "Pie Heaven,"
Kate of Le monde de fromage de Kate

Jeni said...

That carpet sounds fantastic! Doesn't it just amaze the living daylights out of you though the things - perfectly good stuff - that people with a good income will throw away? And even those without an income too come to think of it. My daughter usually works the week prior to classes starting at Penn State, cleaning apartments, and she says it is amazing the things college students will just up and leave behind in the apartments or toss in the trash! She brought home a perfectly good, nice sized microwave this year that some kids had left for junk. More money than brains me thinks is the ailment there.

lattégirl said...

Kate: You`re right... I will eat some pie.

Jeni: I also "inherited" an unused (still in its original packaging) Braun food processor. And she was throwing it away!!!! Unbelievable!