Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Afraid to fly, can't drive

One of the ladies I work with has never had a vacation beyond the borders of our province. Never even taken a road trip to, say, Vermont or Maine or NYC.

I hope to be able to say that sometime before I die I will make it overseas (carrot sticks and Nicorette gum willing). I think it's sad that someone's fear of airplanes and inability to drive has kept her from experiencing a different place.

Mind you, this is the same person who's been working for minimum wage for 7 years. I suspect "change" isn't a big word in her vocabulary.

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Chunks said...

Fear can be so crippling! I avoided flying for so long. Last year when I flew east, it turns out the flying part was easy compared to the seeing family part. My next vacay will be family free, let's just see how THAT turns out!