Friday, January 4, 2008

Ten things you would say if you could

I did this meme a few years ago, but there are new people in my life and old people I've dumped, so maybe it's worth reviewing. I will try to make it at least half positive.

List up to ten things you would love to say to someone or to several people but don’t dare or likely won’t for various reasons. Do not state who these people are and do not confirm or deny any comment speculation.

1. Not everything you say is amusing, even though you chuckle at your every utterance.
2. You need to make some life-changing resolutions, not just New Years' resolutions.
3. Stop complaining about the fucking weather.
4. You are some pretty good people.
5. We've had our ups and downs, but you are my lifeline.
6. You should post more often, because you are amazing.
7. Stop with the road rage, already.
8. You think money solves everything, but it hasn't solved your issues.
9. Stop lolling at yourself on your blog. If it's funny, we'll laugh on our own.
10. You are a relatively kind soul, even though you gossip too much.


RoxRocks said...

This is scary. I recognized myself several times. :) <--not an LOL

lattégirl said...

Do it yourself, Rox, and we can be left guessing...

Kat said...

Ok, I am the LOL'er. I have been laughing at my own posts lately. I apologize. I have been so out of it from that bad medicine, certain things were super funny to me, but I can see how others wouldn't LOL.

LMAO? hee hee :D

DJ said...

Ah... doesn't it feel good to let that out? :) Too bad I blocked the person most of mine was addressed to before I published it.