Sunday, December 23, 2007

Orange kitty

An orange kitty has been meowing outside my door for the past 12 hours, on and off.

I put out a bowl of food for him.

Kill me now? What is this, a Christmas present?

Does he know I feed strays? Where did he come from? Is he my neighbour's orange cat? Why is he locked out? Where did they go? Isn't it good that it's only 1 degree C outside?



RoxRocks said...

Girl, WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!

jhlavalley said...

Hi Lattegirl, I like anyone who is kind2kitties. :-)

You left a comment on another blog about Wallaroo trail wine. I bought the red for the first time recently and although I like the taste it seems to leave a dark blue/purple stain on my tongue. Did you notice that? I can't remember it ever happening with any other red wines.

I am wondering if there might be something wrong with my batch.

Tks 4 any imput.

lattégirl said...

jh: I never look at my tongue after drinking wine, so I can't help you. You might ask your local retailer about any complaints from people whose tongues have turned colours. But if you like the taste, go ahead and drink it, and just don't stick your tongue out at anyone for a day or two. Cheers!