Monday, December 10, 2007

Business baron to prison bitch

Our local news stations are all agog about the sentence of Lord Conrad Black, former media magnate, just sentenced to 6 years for fraud with Hollinger Inc.

I can't help but wonder why Martha Stewart got such a light sentence for her insider trading (five months, and wasn't it served at home or something?).

The higher they stand, the harder they fall? Black and Stewart were among the wealthiest people on the planet.

Both of them bilked people, but it seems the sentences are weird, but what do I know.

Another view here.


masgblog said...

I agree, and don't understand it either. It's like Robert Latimer, who can't get out on day parole, but Karla Homolka is free free free.

lattégirl said...

OMG yes. She is. Fortunately, her husband is still in solitary (from what I've heard).

masgblog said...

he is....My Sweetie had a good point about Black...he said that if you had dropped a pile of money on the street, he'd run you over to pick it up.

Maybe he is thus deserving of said sentence....Lord Blackkkk

lattégirl said...

LOL. Pronounced somewhat like Brrrraaaaaampton?