Monday, July 13, 2009

The next place I live

I would like the next place I live to be:

- On a quiet street, with lawns and mature trees.
- Not next to a fast-food restaurant.
- Not near a major artery.
- Nowhere near any industry that uses an outdoor paging system to call its staff.

Where I live now, we have a lovely expanse of lawn to one side - it's actually an entire lot unto itself, but somehow nobody built on it. It has stands of old trees, and the landlords planted rose bushes and flowering vines and an array of perennials along the sides of the plain, boxy buildings we live in.

But the noise from the main street out front and the municipal garage smack next door, the dumpsters and bins a stone's throw away, the "Jean-Guy line one Jean-Guy line one" from the car dealership... all of it is, shall we say, a constant encroachment on the senses.

It would be nice to live in a more secluded, peaceful spot.

There are plenty of such places in this town. I just need to wait until the time is right.


pmg said...

you need to live where Hal is

Laura said...

I was out for coffee near a car lot where they paged each other all the time. It got annoying really quick. Bugs me when they do that in shopping places too. Trying to talk about what you need to get for groceries over the announcement system going off every few minutes. Seems to happen most often in WalMart. Usually stupid announcements too like telling employees to clean up their areas. Like they don't already know that!

Anonymous said...

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tornwordo said...

I feel your pain. We live across from a subway/pizza hut, though I've only patronized each once in three years. Catty corner to the Mazda dealership and their loudspeakers. But the worst is the gas station next to us and the little alarm jingle that goes off every time the door opens to the mini mart. Maddening.

the saint said...

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