Saturday, August 23, 2008

I was running a variety of money-consuming errands yesterday, and when I was almost done I sat on a bench on Main Street to take a break. Two men were standing near me, one had a rosary draped around his hand. The pretty amber beads caught my eye -- I am part magpie and do love sparkly things.

I stood up and asked him where one could acquire a rosary here in Cowtown. He said he buys his at the Oratory in Montreal, and then held out his hand and said, "Here. Keep this one."


I tried to take pictures of it, but I am lousy at close-ups of inanimate objects.

Rosary - from the Latin 'rosarium' meaning Rose Garden.

A Rosary is a system in which a set number of prayers are recited. A string of beads is usually used to keep count.The string of beads is what is known as a Chaplet ... but it is often referred to as a Rosary.

The practice was started by the Eastern Christian Monks in the Third Century. The Roman Catholic Rosary is associated with St. Dominic in the 13th century.

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