Friday, February 8, 2008

Ow my eyes hurt.

MANY MANY WISHES TO KATE, WHO IS my craziest friend ever.

I love her tiny squeaky voice to bits.

She will hate me for this, I know.


Kate said...

I forgive you because of your sweet intentions (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt) AND because I deeply respect the fact that you acknowledge that I am your craziest friend ever (for your sake I sure as hell HOPE SO).

I must protest un peu about the "tiny squeaky voice." Little do you know, but my voice is actually LARGE and even LOUD in certain circumstances (on stage, when I'm teaching or giving directions to students, or when I say something rude about someone who I don't notice is in the same room). It's the phone and last night the lack of hydration (causing a little hoarse crackle - or "squeak", I guess). TAKE THAT, MS. CANADIAN ACCENT (which, actually, is awfully cute).

Much Love,
Crazy Kate of Le monde de fromage de Kate

P.S. Quite relieved you didn't have a heart attack after or during THIS phone conversation (knock on wood).

Laura said...

Happy birthday Kate!

Kate said...

Thank you very much, Laura!

Crazy Kate of Le monde de fromage de Kate

lattégirl said...

Well it was kinda squeaky that night. And no, I have not had a new heart attack.

lattégirl said...

I have an accent?